That’s how many words closer I am towards my new BOOK!

It’s about my life; the chaos and the adventure. It is about all the travel, love and inspirations I have found over the past five years.

Some people know me as Kristin but most people call me Nikky- It’s what I have been called my whole life! I come from a small-ish town outside of Richmond, Virginia.

My mama is Mexican and my dad is white. No really, white-white as in my ancestors never left the British Isles until they sailed over to America. So while I do have a tendency to want to stay where my roots are, most of my wanderlust comes from my mom.

I have been to 37 countries and I still have the burning sensation to see more. I have been chased off of a beautiful island by snarling monkeys and hitch hiked my way through Honduras. Actually, I have done it a few times in Mexico too! Not on purpose of course, but I have found myself in the craziest predicaments. Every destination has truly been an adventure. I hope you enjoy sorting through this space. Not only will you find blogs from past experiences but you’ll find dreams and meditations that I have kept track of. I am an open book. I choose to invite love in and in return, I choose to let mine flow. I love feedback so let’s chat about our views on the world, try to interpret each others dreams and even swap cookie recipes! Why not?